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  • Switzerland’s brand new 200-franc note was unveiled on Wednesday, the latest in a new series of award-winning banknotes for the country.
    Die neue 200er-Note ist da! Doch wer zahlt heute überhaupt noch in bar? 
    Banknote - Das ist die neue 200-Franken-Note 
    Wie gefällt Euch die neue 200er-Note? 

    ​​​​​​​ With photographs and audio recordings, the photographer Carmela Harshani Odoni shows how adoption can be a stroke of good luck or bad luck. She was adopted and taken from Sri Lanka, and to this day, she hasn’t managed to trace her birth parents. Nonetheless, she is happy.  Carmela Harshani
    Salih Khater: Westminster terror suspect migrated from Sudan, studied accountancy in Coventry and loved Celine Dion 
    Salih Khater: Westminster terror suspect migrated from Sudan and loved Celine Dion 
    Former archbishop Philip Wilson confronted by angry victims after child sex abuse sentence 

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    Roger Federer began his US Open preparation with a quick 6-4, 6-4 defeat of Peter Gojowczyk in his first ATP Cincinnati Masters appearance since 2015.
    Federer feierte Geburtstag mit Maskenball: «Ich sah aus wie Superman vom Strand» 
    Viele Fehler, aber den eigenen Vorsätzen treu geblieben 
    Viele Fehler, aber zufrieden mit der Offensive 

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